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Supply Options for this project. 


For 3D Option (any of the following)

Model Magic

Polymer Clay

Any other type of moldable clay




Thin Cardboard

Construction Paper

Scissors/Glue Sticks




For 2D Option


Oil Pastel & Watercolors 


Or any supplies you feel inspired to use!


Recommended/Suggested Supply List:


During our classes we list suggested supplies or supply options. It is 100% up to your child what supplies they would like to use during art class. If your child has canvas and tempera or acrylic paint at home and you would like them to use that...go for it! 


The following supplies may not be used during every class, but we suggest starting an artist toolkit to help foster creativity. 


Mixed media paper or sketchbook 

Pencil & Eraser

Oil Pastel/Chalk Pastel

Hairspray (for fixative for chalk pastel)



Sharpie or Markers

Scissors & Glue Stick

Elmer’s Liquid Glue

Any Supplies You Already Have (ie crayons, markers, etc)


Recycled Materials (ie cardboard, soda caps, etc)

Model Magic, Modeling or Polymer Clay

Canvas & Tempera or Acrylic Paint are Options as well.


Feel free to create with any supplies that inspire you!

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3D Picasso Inspired Portraits