Wondering what your family will be doing on Mother's Day? Looking for something memorable to do together? We've got the perfect family art kit for you! 


How much time have you spent cooking during these unusual times? If your family is anything like mine...a lot! And my kids have been cooking right along with me.


What better to creatively document our unique experiences than with a family art piece featuring non other than...wooden spoons! 


**Kits will be available for pick up Monday May 4th**


We'll be uploading our video lesson to the library to take you through some ideas and share the creative process of this family project. We hope you're as excited about this one as we are! 


Happy Mother's Day <3

Mother's Day Family Art Kit

  • This kit contains small pieces that may be choking hazards for younger kids. We recommend ages 4 and up with adult supervision for younger children.

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